Hey there!  I am Nancy.  Glad you are visiting!
Funny how this all got started.  Several years ago I bought a canvas ditty bag at a resort and it had a large logo on the bag.  The design was eye catching in black canvas with white trim and golden lettering.  It was a very simple design.  It was perfect for going to the beach, pool or on a boat which is what we do here in Acapulco.  I reside in Acapulco Mexico and my sewing studio is inside my flat.
Anyways, one day my son was over and needed a bag all of a sudden to carry his laptop and stuff so I lent him the ditty bag.  When he returned the bag he told me he liked it a lot and I mentioned that I had wanted to copy it into another fabric.  He suggested adding some pockets and compartments since it did not have any.  Well, that was the beginning of the challenge and this has been developing  ever since.  
I started out making the ditty bags which have been a favorite and from there I got interested in other designs and began to make some totes and other handbags.  So now I am offering a variety of designs and fabrics and taking custom orders for different style bags.  What I have been stitching lately has received a lot of praise and I will definitely be making more of my “Modern Vintage” design.  
So, go ahead and buy that outfit or shoes that you put off because of a matching bag because I can solve that issue for you!  I look forward to stitching up your next perfect bag, handmade with the colors and NS design you choose.  
Thanks again for visiting!
Nancy Stier


Making bags one at a time.